Looking For

I'm looking for a girl group to join. A group that is open minded, willing to improve there skills, become a sisterhood, and that loves music.


I am 17 years old, i produce my own music but i am willing to share my music with my future bandmates or record label. I have experience with producing music through technology (specifically FL studio, pro tools, and alittle but of Ableton). My vocals and dancing is not where I want it to be, but I am willing to learn all that I can to be a great candidate for your band/group. I live in Romeoville, Illinois close enough to Chicago. I will be releasing music very soon, but I am waiting for professional help with my music or to contact a record label first.
Any information about your group/record deal please email me : [email protected]
Or follow me on Instagram: anxyah._


Timberland, xxxtentacion, Mariah Carey, avenged sevenfold, new edition, black pink, twice, got7, tyrese, TLC, elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, aaliyah, missy Elliott, Tupac, Ll cool J.