Looking For

I'm looking for either a band to join as either a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, or just lead vocalist (I don't want to do just rhythm guitar). I'd also be down to starting a band, either post-hardcore, indie, emo, or a mix of all of them, lol.


Hi, I'm Dakota! You can also call me Ama xP. I'm 16, and I've already written my first album, although tbh it's not my best work. I have a veeerrryyy deep voice and can go lower than most guys, so that's pretty awkward but also kind of cool?

I'm a total nerd and love memes. I'm in love with music, and constantly working on improving myself as an artist. I'm currently taking voice lessons, and if music doesn't work out, I plan on majoring in speech-language pathology with a focus on transgender speech therapy. My knowledge of music theory is limited, but I do have extensive knowledge about how the voice works. I have an obsession with finding a dynamic between masculinized and feminized vocals (both by me, since I do both xp).

I have moderate experience with recording in Reaper, although I have mainly used it to produce lo-fi tracks. I can do hi-fi though.


Main influences are indie bands like Teen Suicide, Sorority noise, Frankie Cosmos, Flatsound, Cavetown, etc. But I also really love post-hardcore bands, like Falling In Reverse, Pierce the Veil, Dance Gavin Dance, Icon for Hire, etc.