Looking For

Primarily on this site looking for guitar contacts for a Rockabilly Project.

Since I'm here, I'm open to studio work, composing, arranging, orchestration, sideman, sessions, musical director, etc.


Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Doghouse. I love music with soul and passion, regardless of where it originates. Not a big fan of electronic-based music, but otherwise, I'm down for almost anything. Co-lead one of the better Rockabilly acts around, lead my own Irish band, side man work, studio stuff, touring, etc.

Some of my more recognizable gigs are on upright bass, but I'm really both a bass guitarist and upright player. Toured with The Atomic Fireballs, Rio and the Rockabilly Revival, Louis Prima Jr and the Witnesses and many more, over several countries.


Far too many to list... I know that's not a very satisfying answer, but it's accurate. I've probably performed in more genres than most people know exist. I love diversity.