Looking For

Either I am gonna start another band or Im looking to join a established band or a start up band.


My name is Chris Marco (Rhythm/lead Guitar) I started a band in SW Florida called the X-Band the name derives from the old saying of how there is always a X brand of something that is pretty close to the original well just like X brand of something, X-BaND is just that a band that plays cover songs that are pretty close to the original there just done by X-BaND. The genre of songs primarily are 90's grunge rock songs and some current ones also.
The band currently is disbanding as of June 2019 do to me moving to middle Tennessee I plan on reassembling a new band with new members this year and continuing to do what we do best play music that inspires us and give something back to the listeners.


Influences are Pearl Jam, Collective Soul, Shine Down, Cranberries, Bush, Everclear, Oasis, Silverchair, Nirvana, Staind and Stone Temple Pilots


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