Looking For

Looking to play and collaborate with other musicians. I am always up for a jam. Ultimate goal would be to play tight and gig playing crowd pleasing covers and make a fun hobby a fun paying hobby. I also enjoy working with song writers and helping develop thier songs.


I have been playing for over 25 years . Have not been in a band in 10 years but played in open jams and most recently had the pleasure of playing with amazing talent while spending a year in Charlotte NC. Playing with these pros really allowed me to learn and become a better musician by watching and collaberating with amazing talent that forced me to step up my game. #SMOKEYJOES....#SMOKEYJAYS.


Sublime, The Band, nirvana, stated with grunge and isolated tastes. Now if it's fun to play and a good beat , I will probably like it.


  • Amber b 311 drum cover
  • Kirk franklin d cover