Looking For

A band of worldly players who know the deal, have been around the block more than once, and are making music because they must, despite the plentiful bullshit out there. My ideal situation, though I understand that "ideal" may be subject to a degree of modification, would be impolite, fierce, aggressive, and "arty." I have been focusing on my own music for the last several years, 4 solo projects so far, and have the self-expression thing covered. What I'm looking for here is an opportunity to play drums with other humans. Drums are my first instrument, and the only one that I have any true real-time facility on. Collaboration is fine, but I also don't mind supporting the vision of others, as long as (of course) the vision appeals to me.


It's not MusicianFinders' fault, I understand that the interface has to be standardized, but the choices are so narrow for the various categories. I'm not a "professional" in that I need to make a living from this (one of the reasons I suffer through having a day-job is so I can do the artistic things I want to do without needing "to get paid"). I'm a "professional" in that I'm passionate to a fault about making the music I want to make in a cold universe, and regularly sacrifice all the time and energy I can to make whatever that music is. I'm very seasoned, have played 100s of shows (including slots opening for Talking Heads, Ramones, Foetus/Jim Thirlwell, Misfits, Melt Banana, Dismemberment Plan, Dwarves, Faith No More, Marnie Stern, & others), been in way too many bands, and have no illusions. Touring, depending on the degree & the project, is not out of the question. The most recent online example of my drumming can be found at boldashes.bandcamp.com. Bold Ashes was one of my projects, intended primarily as a live outlet more than a recording one, and featured myself on drums & sampler + a bass player. I wrote everything, including the bass lines (long story, though in short, the bass player couldn't improvise). As you listen, keep in mind that everything you're hearing that isn't drums or bass is being triggered by me from an SPD-SX pad sampler mounted in place of the rack-tom. Drove me fuckin' crazy. All of the sonic material in the sampler was generated by me using synths and sundry electronics, recorded into Pro Tools, then uploaded to the sampler.


King Crimson/Bill Bruford, Bowie, Zappa, Last Exit/Ronald Shannon Jackson, Kraftwerk, krautrock, Eno, Merzbow, Swans, This Heat, Godflesh, Killing Joke, Terry Bozzio, Can/Jaki Liebezeit, The Stooges/Iggy, Boredoms, Devo, Pansonic, King Tubby, Adrian Sherwood, Bad Brains, Autechre, Black Sabbath, Napalm Death, Miles, Neurosis, Melvins/Dale Crover, Weasel Walter/Flying Luttenbachers/"Brutal Prog," Magma/Christian Vander, Super Silent/Deathprod, Coltrane, Public Enemy/the Bomb Squad, etc. etc. etc. Way too many to name.