MusicianFinder Frequently Asked Questions

What is MusicianFinder?

MusicianFinder is a website designed to help musicians find other musicians and recording professionals. Bands needing permanent band members, bands needing temporary subs, musicians looking for casual jams, musicians looking for recording session work, bands looking for producers/engineers, and more.

How do I get started?

Just sign up here! You'll have a fully-functional, two-month trial use of the system. We also offer great discounted incentives to transition to a paid account before your trial ends.

Once you sign up, you'll want to edit your profile.

How much does MusicianFinder cost?

Whether you consider yourself a starving artist or an established pro, nobody wants to spend a lot of money looking for musicians and/or gigs. We get it. We're musicians, too. We've seen other websites where people try to sneak their contact info in their profiles in order to cheat the system. Or, you sign up for a month, pray that you find what you need fast, and then struggle to figure out how to unsubscribe or cancel your membership. Who needs that kind of hassle and stress?

We've made MusicianFinder TOTALLY FREE so that you don't have to waste time plotting, scheming, and stressing.

How do I create my profile?

Fill in the information on the first screen you see and be sure to click Save Changes at the bottom. Take time to list some of your influences if they are relevant to what you play. MusicianFinder actually enables people to search for, say, a keyboard player who is into The Cure, for example, or a guitar player into Dimebag Darrell.

Am I a band or a musician? What's the difference?

This is one of the key things that makes MusicianFinder special. You personally create the profile page, but if you're representing a band in need of a new member, select Band under “I Am A:” to provide optimal response from the system when you conduct searches. If you're here as an individual musician or recording professional looking for other people or bands, select “Musician/Producer/Engineer.”

If I'm great at lots of instruments, shouldn't I check them all?

It's very important that under Primary Skills, you only select the things for which you want to be found in searches. If you're looking to get drum gigs, but you also play guitar, check off Drums in the Primary Skills column, and check Guitar in the Secondary Skills column. This way, when people search, you'll only turn up in relevant drummer searches.

After saving the changes, click on the Address tab on the top and put in your address. It is essential that you fill out the city, state, and zip code fields so that people can search for you within their geographic area. Click Save Changes to keep your settings on each tab/page.

Next, move on to Media/Images/Web Links/URLs and bring your profile to life. You can upload an image, and also set a background cover image (use our default images or upload your own). You'll want to put all of your web links in the next section of the page: your website or your band's website, link to your Facebook page, link to wherever you stream audio samples, link to your YouTube page, etc. At the bottom, you can actually embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo directly onto your profile page! Be sure to click Save Changes when finished here.

At this point, you are live and in the system. The Notifications page will let you select some general preferences for when/how you are notified of.

Can I save custom searches for musicians?

Yes, and you should! After you set your search criteria on the Search page, MusicianFinder remembers your settings, even after you sign out or leave the site. And if you're a paid member of the site (or are still within the free trial period), the system will email you twice weekly if new members have come online who meet your search criteria.

How do I contact musicians I find at MusicianFinder?

After you've searched for some musicians and clicked on their profiles, click the Private Message button underneath their image at the top of their profile page to send them a message right through the MusicianFinder system. In most people's cases, they'll receive a private email notifying them that you've reached out (unless they set their profile to not notify them, which kind of defeats the whole thing, right?).

Can I suspend my account service when I don't need to use it? I just found a band.

You can cancel at any time, but we provide special incentives and discounts to keep you subscribed. MusicianFinder is priced so low ($3/month before discounts) that you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money on the site. We all know that a band that seems like the perfect match today can crumble like a house of sticks tomorrow, and who wants to go through the hassle of constantly setting up new profile pages? You may want to edit your profile, though, and simply uncheck your preferences in the “Looking for:” section. Down the road, we'll be adding additional services to MusicianFinder, and maintaining your profile will ensure that you're part of all the new stuff.

Someone on the site is harassing me. What should I do?

Assuming you've already told the person not to contact you, please contact us immediately from the Contact Us page, and let us know which user profile is sending unwanted messages. This violates our Terms of Service agreement.