Looking For

The LoveMachine is a project I began 8 months ago. Right now I have 3 professional level guitarists and myself, spread across the nation. ALL my time is spent on this band/show which is about 18 hours every single day. The show is comprised mostly of comedy sketches and music and guest music. It is to be a youtube show. I want ALL types of talent! Musicians ALL TYPES and singers. I need an artist with at least the ability to sketch cartoons. I need help with our costumes and stage appearance so any1 with fashion knowledge is SUPER WELCOME!!


I never was much good at playing a guitar ...I did try many years any finally quit. I got a bad blow to the head and I was injured a little over a year ago and when I healed I discovered I was now a virtuoso. I never practiced for this gift so I deserve NO credit. I am doing well with writing as well tho...I'll take compliments on that part if anything I have is good :) I like 30 minutes away on a plane from Seattle. Its an island. I want to see who wants to work with me and what are your talents. If you join me you will be famous soon, so please be prepared. The LoveMachine is a force of nature and it's bigger than me and the current members. I just care for it... LOL The world WILL embrace the Machine. There is NO DOUBT.


Jimi Hendrix
Randy Rhoads
Dimebag Darrell
Eric Johnson
Andy Timmons
Shawn Lane
Joe Satriani
Bob Dylan
Elton John
Pink Floyd
The Beatles
Ozzy Ozzbourne
MF Doom / Viktor Vahn
Billy Joel
Tom Petty
Green Day
Many more


  • Rewrote Bob's song for my daughter to test my stream yesterday
  • first original. very raw still