Eric “E” Endo has been playing music professionally for over twenty years. He has played / recorded with artists like: Eek-A-Mouse, Kottonmouth Kings / Too Rude, Dave Wakeling, Michael Rose, Joe Higgs, Remi Kabaka and many more. E has toured around the world, including: Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Canada, Mexico and throughout the continental US and Hawaii. He has also appeared on a number of albums, including the hit “Dog’s Life” by the Kottonmouth Kings and has had music placed on major network television shows.

Equally capable in playing funk, hip-hop, R&B, soul and reggae. He also has played: afro-beat / afro-funk, “smooth” jazz, pop & calypso / soca. He can be found playing throughout Southern California with several artists / bands as a sub - “hired gun”.

Eric also does production, composing / arranging, and plays the bass and keyboards, as well as programming drums, teaches guitar or music theory and is a MD (musical director) with a full band available.


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