Looking For

I am looking to form a radical extreme metal or, perhaps, a ska-core type of band. Sounds pretty contradictory, but I want to be able to experiment with sounds. The message (i.e. radical theory and such) and feeling of the music are the most important part of the music (not the words, but the emotion the music and words together inspire in the listener). In the past, I have met with people who are looking to do various kinds of music and we haven't matched up well.

If you dig extreme metal (anything from early death/black to modern death/grind/black, etc. -- or if you are willing to experiment for combining ska-core and metal (I have a system, a hypothesis I would like to experiment with if enough people are interested), shoot me a message. Hell, maybe I should just shoot for two projects... ??


I first joined a band at 19. A group of exchange students wanted a vocalist who could do their thing in English, and they asked me. It was a lot of fun and, back then, I was pretty good at doing what I needed to do. Now, years later, I am looking to get back into things. I have been working on my vocals to make them better than they were back then, and experimenting with newer sounds as well. My vocal style is that of an extreme metal and hardcore sounding. I can't rightfully call my sound "singing" but merely manipulating my voice.

Social/political/economic ideas of libertarian communism/anarchist communism are what drives the project(s) I am looking to put together. I am looking for comrades in the southern California area to make some noise with.


Rotting Christ, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Behemoth, Cattle Decapitation, Death, Obituary... Jess Than Jake, gr. Leningrad, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish..