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Recording session, gig


I'm an italian guy, and a professional musician. I teach guitar in two local school, i do recording session for other artist that requires my sounds.
I have equipped a small studio in my home, where i can record my guitar with professionality, using what I think may be the right instrument or sound to enhance a piece.
I produced and recorded the guitars for the first Mike Messina long play, for All Shade Eve debut album, and for GAS, a jazz trio album.

My gear:
Mezzabarba Z18
Laney VC30
Fractal AX8

Ibanez SV
Fender stratocaster
Gibson es137
Tele custom made
Yamaha acoustic guitars

Some analog pedals, microphones, Two Notes Torpedo Captor, various IR and other plug in.

I use Cubase as DAW and Focusrite as audio interface.


Many, from rock, pop, jazz.

I grew up in the nineties, surrounded by the big grunge era, attracted by the metal scene, and listening to the best pop rock of the moment.

Above all, as a guitarist, I love the style of Tim Pierce, the fluidity of Pat Metheny, the simple elegance of Joe Pass, the funky groove by Van Halen and the soul of Kotzen.


  • Mike Messina - Trovare - Disco Intorno a me
  • SOURCE AUDIO PROGRAMMABLE EQ "How it sounds in the mix"
  • How it sounds in the mix #2 - M. Britt 67 Lux Verb 4
  • How it sounds in the mix #5 - M.Britt MB /13 JRT 915 84 3