Looking For

I am searching for a group to join as a substitute for the short term, long term, or as a permanent member; a group of like minded musicians who want to form a group and write orginial music; a group or individual composer/songwriter to collaborate with creating original music.


I am a professional multi instrumentalist musician and vocalist who is a performer, composer, and arranger.

I perform and compose original music in the pop/rock, progressive rock, instrumental, and classical styles. I am classically trained with over 20 years of professional experience performing, arranging, teaching and composing music. 

My career has given me the opportunity to be a featured soloist with orchestras, perform solo recitals, as an ensemble member in orchestras and musical "pit" bands, and as a choir member. I have collaborated with composers to create new music for my genre, and have given world premiere performances. I have also scored music for short films, for other musicians, and produced a host of arrangements from standard sets to specific instrument pairings. 

Prior to my formal training, I performed in Rock/Pop ensembles as a guitarist, bassist, and back-up vocalist. In addition, I have experience in recording studio sessions in the rock and classical genres. My strengths are found in bass guitar (5 string), guitar (6 string), and vocal performance. 

I have a unique style composing and arranging. I possess a more than working proficiency on keyboard, drums and percussion. I read/write music, and have more than a working knowledge of music theory and its’ history.

I have maintained a private teaching studio for over 20 years, and previously taught formally in the public school system, and at the University level as an adjunct lecturer.


Many from multiple genres: Bach, Miles Davis, the Sugar Hill Gang, the Beatles, Beethoven, John Coltrane, Earth, Wind, and Fire, the Police, Brahms, Charles Mingus, ELP, Parliament-Funkadelic, Led Zeppelin, Harry Nilsson, Wings, Poulenc, Art Blakey, the Ohio Players, Yes, Ravel, Marvin Gaye, Sonny Rollins, Marillion, Poulenc, Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Lerner-Lowe, King Crimson, Rodgers-Hart, Rush, Rodgers-Hammerstein, Pat Methany, George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, Steve Reich, Tchaikovsky, Steve Roach, Cream, Deep Purple, Nico Muhly, Asia, Yasin Bey, Herbie Hancock, Return to Forever, Chic Corea, Branford Marsalis, and list goes on and on and on …