Looking For

Looking for other to start a band with for fun, or looking fora band needing a replacement guitar player.


I play mostly rhythm guitar, I don't care much for lead guitar not to say I can't do it. I like the modern metal music that you don't hear to much lead guitars anymore. Just hard driving music. I like to sample sounds for music just like Statix X, and Rob Zombie. I only like 2 guitar bands, More punch, more drive. Fuller sound. I'm not looking to become a full time musician, Im looking for fun, and good times, and maybe playing places. I build my own guitars, or take cheap guitars, and put good electronics into them. I don't believe in spending mass amounts of money on a expensive guitar.


Statx X, White Zombie, KIss, Van Halen, Texas Hippie Coalition, almost any hair band from the 80's, Lynyrd Skynyrd, CCR,