Looking For

I am on here in hopes of finding someone to create music with, whether that be writing together, someone to do some vocals, or whatever. I have been writing/recording songs for a long time and rarely work with anyone else. While that has been freeing in the songs I create, there is still something missing that I think only comes with working with another person. Bouncing ideas back and forth and collaborating. Hard to do that by yourself. I've put off looking for a creative partner because the genre of my work is quite varied. One day I will write a straight up, hard metal song (with down-tuned guitar and double bass and such) and the next maybe I'll write some weird, atmospheric electronic song. So...I guess I'm looking for someone whose influences and style is versatile and random as my own. (?)


I am an artist/musician/writer/whatever (basically I like to create in a buncha different ways). I started playing drums and formed my first band with my best friend around the time Nirvana's Nevermind came out and have never had a lesson. Sometimes I wish I had because there are some things I'm not the best at but I love playing. I don't read music or know theory that much but play what sounds good to me. That is both something that holds me back a little but also has left me free to do things that can be seen as unorthodox to those who are strictly about doing things by the rules. I don't pay attention to genre when I write a song. I prefer to let it be whatever it is going to be, whether it's a mellow/emotional/somber/upbeat acoustic song or an ethereal/atmospheric/ambient electronic song or (more often) a metal song with more attention to keeping the ears interested than anything else. I've played with others over the years but have spent way more time sitting at home recording my own little bits and pieces of songs. I have had many grand ideas for songs/albums but there is always something missing and it seems like it falls short of what I want them to be because I kinda need someone else to help push them the rest of the way. Ya know? Whatever age, gender, or instrument you are/play doesn't matter...as long as we click creatively and can make some great sounding music. Never been happy with my own vocals so it would be cool to find someone who can add that to the equation.


Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Faith No More (and Mike Patton in general), Carcass, Megadeth, Metric, Soundgarden, Kyuss, Belly (the alternative band), Gojira, Modest Mouse, Primus, Pantera, After the Burial, Static-X, The Black Keys, Mogwai, and anything that is well-written.