Looking For

I'm looking for Musicians to start a new project with or to work an established project.


I've been the front man for quite a few bands in my day. I'm no spring chicken as you can tell from my age but I still look young THANK GOD! I've preformed for massive crowds and I've preformed for crickets. The most popular act's I've fronted are Reservoir Dogs, Channel X, Mad Karma, Lords of Nothing and most recently RSVP. I've also Spent the better part of a year working Bourbon Street New Orleans. I've been graced by the stage in many venues' in this country and out of this country. I was 7 the first time I took the stage and finished with an ovation from 300 people and I've been hooked ever sense. I won't quit till I die. I'm here looking for great musicians for an original project, trying to fill in some missing piece's. Or to start something totally new. I may even be interested in joining a great project if the music is right. If your interested contact me, I can also be reached at [email protected]



I love mostly all music, Nothing super heavy. Love really hard rockin' guitar driven music and slightly progressive. My favorite era for music was the 70's. The song were well though out. They told a story. The Arrangements, Vocals, Harmony's, and Players were the best.